Jousting on the Bike is Painful

Monday, I was getting out of the office at around 5:30 pm, and there was still sunlight out.  This was great … I was thinking I might be able to go all the way home in daylight.  In other words, I was in a really good mood.

I took my route through the San Tomas Aquino bike path as usual, and took the Levi’s Stadium detour (passing through where ACE trains stop by on Great America).  Then I get back on a short stretch of a bike path.  Another rider is coming in the opposite direction, and for some reason he ends up in my lane, and I had no time to reach, and we collide.

Damn, that hurt.  He didn’t even ask if I was OK.  All he said was I was going too fast.  I was going 15 mph, but regardless, he should not be in my lane.  It’s a little ironic that they built these bike paths to be safer for us, when in fact I’ve heard from some of my friends that’s where they suffer the most accidents.  I probably should have taken Lawrence Expressway.  At least there, I know exactly what everyone is going to do.

Damage?  Front rim is shot.  Impact but a big dent in the rim, making the wheel out of true.  There goes my nice Williams 30 rim.


6 thoughts on “Jousting on the Bike is Painful

  1. fatbeardedandtattooedcyclist

    i live in a college town in it drives me mad when i see college kids riding the opposite way of traffic or on the side walk, I’ve almost collided with a homeless person riding the wrong direction on the street before too, people nee to be educated

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      On the bike path, at night, it drives me crazy that people walk on the bike path without any lights or reflectors. When you yell on your left, they don’t do anything … They just keep hogging the lane.


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