Finally a LBS That I Really Trust

I’ve read posts from many of my friends that swear by a favorite LBS (Local Bike Shop), but I can’t say that I really found one … until now.  I bought my Volagi Liscio from these guys, and they are great.

They started out as a Tandem bike dealer, but they have extensive experience in all types of bikes.  Going into the bike shop is a great experience, and extremely friendly staff.  Bryon, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable.  Steve, the service manager, does incredible work.  My LBS is not too local though, it’s a 1 hour drive for me.  However, for good service, I will make the drive.  Besides, it’s a good excuse to go and do Mt. Diablo, and bring it in the shop after finishing the climb.

One time, I was complaining about some creaks in my new Volagi.  They meticulously went through every possible component that could cause the noise.  In the end, it was a matter of lubing the seat post (there was also a possibility that trimming the length of the seat post would be needed, but luckily, we didn’t have to do that).

When I brought my bike in for a tune up, I brought it in at 4 pm on a Sunday.  Bryon asked when I would need it, and I said before Saturday, so they estimated Friday for completion.  Much to my surprise, I get a call on Tuesday, but I was swamped that day, and I had to call them back on Wednesday.  They had the bike ready by Tuesday … wow!  I’m impressed!  They will do anything to get you your bike ASAP.  Normally, I would have to schedule to bring in the bike (if I’m lucky, they’ll take it in the middle of the next week).  But here, I brought it in, and got it back in 2 days.  They far exceeded my expectations.

Oh, did I mention they offer you free coffee?  Just awesome.

And how did the tune up turn out?  Well, 3,873 miles, 305,971 feet of climbing, I had to get a chain replaced, and front disc brakes replaced.

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One Response to Finally a LBS That I Really Trust

  1. debster822 says:

    I love that place — those folks are very service-oriented, honest, and have a full inventory. Glad you like them as well.

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