2013 is Over Already?

Is it really New Year’s Eve already?  Gee, time sure flies by.  Looking back, I rally didn’t sign any goals for myself, so I didn’t really prepare for any set of events.  As a result, I didn’t do any doubles, so I was what you might say as normal?

Now I did do a couple if organized rides.  First was l’etape du California … That was a tough one.  We actually ride the same route that the pro’s raced on Stage 7 of Tour of California.  At least I wasn’t the last one to finish.  The second was Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge.  I call that my local Death Ride.

This year, I also decided to be a commuter maniac.  I didn’t keep track, but I think I was able to commute 90% of the days.  It definitely was a different type of riding, and I also did a weekly night ride with the local meet up group.  That definitely helped accumulate the mileage.

Here are the totals


So what’s up for 2014? Well I’m seeing a goal of completing DMD, Devils Mountain Double, 206 miles, and 18,000 feet climbing. What am I getting myself into?

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