Stupid End of Year Close Out Promo … Upgrade Time

wpid-IMG_20131219_201827.jpgI’m on the Williams Cycling email list (being a customer of a pair of WS 19 wheels), and I recently received an email, short supply of close out WS 30 wheels.  Like a fish in a pond, grabbing the fish hook, I snatched it, and they reeled me in.

Now granted, my WS 19 are a little light in durability, as it is rated for 170 lb, and with my panniers, I am pushing it above that weight, I probably should get some more durable wheels.  At least that is the excuse I am using for buying these.

Just my luck, when I first put on the wheels, I was so excited, I rushed installing tire and tubes, and I try to inflate it, and it’s flat.  Damn!  Pinch flat … didn’t install it right.  It meant I had to wait another week before riding it (because I had to drive down to LA for Christmas visit with my folks).


Come back, and install it properly, and wow … not only is it a smooth ride, but it is also very quiet.  Looked at the spec, and it’s using the Williams 6-60 hub (6 pawls, 60 ratchets).  I don’t get the loud clicking, and it’s taking a bit getting used to, but it is a smooth ride.

This is also to show that I still am showing love for my Seven.  My Volagi is my first love, but I still have love for the seven, hence the name of my blog, sevencyclist.  Yay!

So that is my christmas present … although I bought it for myself.  Actually, I have another one, my Nexus 5 cell phone, but I’ll blog about that a little later.

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