Can a Cold Really Zap Your Core Strength

So I got over my cold, so then I decided to go for a ride. I went up a hill, then suddenly I felt a whiff of cold air go right to my lungs. Uh oh, not a good sign … So what do I do? Like an idiot, I continued to climb Montebello.

I knew I was not going to break any speed records, but damn, I was slow.

Then, yesterday, I do a climb up OLH. Felt okay, but one thing I noticed was my core strength felt deteriorated. My time up OLH was 32 minutes. Damn, that’s about 5 minutes slower than my average time. Plus, I felt the weakness in my core. I guess I’ll have to do more planks, but I think having this cold, have coughing so much has zapped my core. That’s going to set my training back a ways.

1 thought on “Can a Cold Really Zap Your Core Strength

  1. ladyfleur

    I have a cold too. I went for a ride with a group and was so weak I had to turn back early. I slept in today and went downtown for a bowl of pho and felt like I’d ridden 30 miles. 😦

    But you gotta respect the body and let it heal. Training can wait.


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