This Anniversary Still Freaks Me Out

I deliberately masked the title of this blog, as I didn’t want the 9-11 topic to be filled with political comments… actually, this is more of my personal memories surrounding that crazy time 12 years ago.

At the time, I was dating a woman who lives in Queens.  She actually is a physical therapist in the hospital, who later was really in the thick of things later on, as you can well imagine. 

I was on one of my visits to NY, and was just bidding farewell, and heading back from JFK to SFO.  My flight was originally scheduled at 5 pm on 9-10, but this day, we just had one delay after another.  We had some kitchen problems in the cabin,  and just one thing after another.  Finally when we were ready to roll, we were stuck on the tarmac, waiting for our turn to take off.  We ended up taking off about 9 pm, and as I think about it now, it’s freaky to think about … I was possibly on the last flight out of JFK on 9-10.

I got home 9-11 at around 3 am, having to go into work the next day.  My mom calls me up on the phone, and asks me if I’m okay.  I answered “yes, I’m fine” … I had done these NY flights before without her calling me asking how I was, and just thought that strange.  So I then turned on the morning news, then saw the news.  My jaw dropped, and I had the feeling that I escaped death, without actually fearing anything while we were stuck on the tarmac.

I can’t help but thinking about NY on an anniversary like this, and not thinking anything out of the ordinary on this latest visit.  I have not been back to NYC ever since.  It was not from fear of NY, but just other circumstances with the girlfriend turned sour, and we later broke up.  Every year, at this time, I still think about how things might have been differently if things swayed one way or the other.

Sorry for making this blog a little more personal than usual, but I just had to put my thoughts down.  It’s definitely something I’ll never forget.

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