July is Done and I Still Haven’t Done a Double

Hmm … it’s now August, and I haven’t done a double yet this year.  Do I feel lazy?  No.  Do I feel less accomplished?  No.  I guess this year, I’m just enjoying the ride, enjoying riding my bike.  When I look at my stats, it’s not like I was slacking.  I got in 843 miles for the month, so that’s good.  I’ve been commuting more, and doing weekly mid-week night rides with the local meetup group.  I can usually get in about 50 miles if I ride from home or work for those rides, so that does add up.

I will be doing a century+ in August, though.  Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge is coming up.  I’ll decided that day which option I’ll do … It’ll be at least 100 miles, 10k feet climbing … there are options to go 130 miles, 17k feet climbing, but not sure if I’m up for that.  Due to family visits and on call work duties, I couldn’t get a lot of training in the past two weeks.  We’ll see.

Even with the 843 miles, I still didn’t complete the latest Strava Powerbar Challenge.  However, considering that some people don’t even make it past 200 miles, I still consider this a nice accomplishment.

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2 Responses to July is Done and I Still Haven’t Done a Double

  1. Out rode me pal, good work!

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