Is Pink In These Days


Last weekend I went down to LA, but I didn’t bring my bike.  I still have my old Pink Diamond Back Master TG from the 90s, so it’s a 20 year old bike.  Specs are 52 cm, Cro-Moly, Shimano 105, 52-39, 12-26.  I took this up Chantry Flats up to the chopper pad. 

After the great view, I went down the hill, and had a Starbucks, but all the racers were eyeing my old clunker.  Did they not see a downtube shifter before?  Did they like the Diamond Back paint pattern?  Was it such an eye sore that they needed a closer look?  Maybe it is kosher for a guy to ride a pink bike?  Or maybe it’s because it’s a rare steel bike.


6 thoughts on “Is Pink In These Days

  1. I met a guy on Caltrain with a pink Schwinn road bike from the late 1980s. Not bright pink like yours, but an ice pink. It was a 25″ size so it was clearly made for tall dudes. Real men ride pink bikes!

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