Another Office Move and Changes to Commute Routine

So they’ve decided to move Customer Services into the new campus, and no longer treat us like an isolated island.  There is hope after all, but along with this comes done significant change.  One of those changes involved my commute.


The first big change is they don’t allow any bikes inside the building.  That’s a huge change.  They have bike racks outside, but that’s a little worrisome.  They do have a bike cage, but it is in the back by the parking garage.  It does require keycard access, but it is isolated.  Oh sure, they have security cameras, but what good is that if your prized possession is already gone.  It was also recommended by facilities to lock your bike, in addition to having this secure cage.


I checked it out last week and saw the design of the racks, and it seemed like it was more looks than functional.  How are you going to get a u-lock around the frame and the rack?


Well, I bought a u-lock, and it just does reach to the frame, so I am a much happier commuter.  However, this means I will be hesitant about bringing my good bike.  It also means having to lug around a heavy lock.

Now the topic of showers … where are they?  They have them in Building A, but I’m in Building B.  I’ll have to adjust to that.

Now the habit was when I leave the office, I leave my laptop locked and docked, and I could RDP through the VPN from home to access my PC.  This way, if I needed to do something quick for work at home, I could without having to carry my laptop with me.  Well, they are using UAC (unified access control), where they check each client on the network for compliancy.  What this means is no RDP they the VPN.  That really changed my workflow.  I really don’t want to carry that thing home everyday.  I guess I shouldn’t have to log in from home.  This forces me to leave work at work.

What is nice is having the cafe on the bottom floor of the building.  Much more convenient, and I won’t have to plan where should I go for lunch today.


Oh but how are the digs? Well, you can judge for yourself.


7 thoughts on “Another Office Move and Changes to Commute Routine

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      I gotta admit, it is pretty sweet being on the 8th floor, and a lot of people coming to my cubicle, admiring the view I have. Sure beats a one floor flat, in a building away from the main campus. For a while, I was wondering if I actually was at Headquarters.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      I was thinking of that, but they do have a security camera in the cage. Not sure if they’d appreciate that or not.

      1. ladyfleur

        I would ask. You don’t have to leave it locked to the actual rack. You could lock it somewhere else like on the fencing. I’m sure you’re not the only one who would be interested.

      2. sevencyclist Post author

        Yes, that’s true.

        One day, I found someone having their bike indoors, on the ground floor, at the POC lab. A day after I posted on the biking mailing list, I no longer saw it there. Coincidence?

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