Slow Leaks Can Really Ruin Your Day

Last week, on a typical meetup ride, I get not one, but two.flats.  Flats are just part of cycling, just like having mechanical issues.  Luckily, when I had my flats, it was on the Tour De Cure route, and they were more than willing to help me with my flat, even though I wasn’t part of the ride.

While fixing the flat, I couldn’t really determine what caused the flat, so I figured I would find out later … just get me back on the road.

Tuesday, I checked the tire, and its fine, so I take it into work .. no issues. I then do the evening meetup ride, and it ess fine there too.

I didn’t ride this bike till Saturday, and just as I’m ready to ride, I see a rear flat. OMG, not again. I actually the cause of the flats was a really tiny wire and I can’t pluck out with my fingernail. Scrap the ride, go home, get a needle, and try to pluck out whatever it is that is causing this slow leak.

So I inspect the tire again, ready with my handy needle, but guess what … I can’t find that wire. Jeez …. screw it, I go to REI, and just buy a tire, even though this one is only 4 months old. I guess it’s a good excuse to clean my bike.

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