Escaping The Heat and Into the Fog

It was supposed to be a hit one today in Silicon Valley (high of 92°F), so I decided to take Caltrain up to SF and do Marin Headlands.  I also decided to give my Seven some lovin, as I haven’t been riding her since I got Serenity.


As you can see from the photo it’s hot and sunny.  I felt funny bringing my arm warmers and vest, but this is SF we’re talking about.


Got to the Golden Gate bridge, and it ess all fogged in.  Well, I figured it would burn off soon, but it really didn’t.  Had to put arm warmers on, and soon the vest.


Started climbing Marin Headlands and the wind was really kicking hard.  It got to where I could not negotiate the turn.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have solid or deep dish wheels.  That’s when I needed the vest.


After getting around the corner, I was able to stay upright and continue the climb up to the top of Hawk Hill.  Normally, you’d have a fantastic view, but the fog was really socked in.  Couldn’t see anything.



I continued down the other side, but the fog still didn’t burn off.  I was going to go through the tunnel then onto Sausalito, but then I was a sign saying access was closed due to construction.  Well this sucked.  That meant I had to climb up Conzelman Rd up the hill, do I just decided to do another hill repeat.  Closing of the tunnel erupted all motivation out of me, so decided it would be a short ride today.


As luck would have it, as soon as I get off the bridge and head over to Caltrain, it clears up.  You just can’t win.

4 thoughts on “Escaping The Heat and Into the Fog

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Oh man … part of me wanted to do the tunnel, because it only mentioned M-F. Oh well.


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