Don’t You Dare Turn Back – HTFU

The day started out a little slow.  I felt a little twinge in my back, which was kind of limiting how much power I can output on the bike.  Plus, it was a little overcast, and it felt a little cool.  I was not going very fast.

Ok, first climb of the day is Kennedy, a short 1 mile climb, with about 300 feet climbing.  Not too bad right?  But my thought was just get to the top then see how I feel.

I took a nice break, then down the hill.  I figured I would soft pedal for a little bit.  Well, I figured I have gone this far, just keep the pedals cranking.  The smaller hills somehow helped get myself into the groove, enough to just spin away at high cadence, and make it up Hicks.  If I feel weak, I can just head back down the hill.

I made it to the top of Hicks.  I definitely want breaking ant records today, but it did feel good making it up there.  I guess I channeled my inner Jens today.


I was spinning around the parking lot so I decided to soon a little bit up Umunhum.  Spinning turned into climbing … and yup, you guessed it …. I climbed up Umunhum.  Amazing how the battle off mind over matter goes. I guess my stubbornness and not giving up is a result of this.

I’m glad I did go up … spectacular views up there





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