Weekend of Extremes

Saturday and Sunday was two very different types of days.  Saturday continued the warm 90+ degree days in California.  I would have to climb one of the toughest hills in the area that day.

Sunday was very different.  It was cold, windy, foggy, and there were parts where it did sprinkle a little bit.  I was definitely not prepared for that.  I did have a base layer, but only had a vest and arm warmers.  Can they just make up their mind?

Sunday’s ride did start in SF, so maybe that had something to do with it.  This was a ride up Alpine Dam and then seven sisters on Ridgecrest near Mt. Tam.

It was really windy, wet, foggy, and the visibility sucked.  Sure I’m up at elevation, but it was so fogged in, I couldn’t see any views at all.  The only thing I relied on was looking for the double yellow line lane markers, and I didn’t have front blinkers, but I did turn on my rear blinkers …. not sure if that helped at all. 

The wind really kicked us around.  On the descent, it threw us around, and we all relaxed on our speed.  All we wanted to do was to get off that mountain.  That made for s very interesting, and very eventful day.

What a complete contrast the two days was.  From hot and miserable, to cold, damp, and miserable.  That just plays havoc on the body.

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