Mt. Diablo South Gate with Meetup


After the fiasco with my chain break on Saturday, and not being able to do Mt. Hamilton (both sides of it), I’m glad that the Meetup group had a ride planned for Sunday, up Mt. Diablo through South Gate.  So at least this could make up for not doing Hamilton.

Pre-Diablo Meetup at Dublin Civic Center

Pre-Diablo Meetup at Dublin Civic Center

Seven of us started out from the Dublin Civic Center, and headed out via Alamo Canal bike trail, and I used my Garmin as a guide through the trail.  I’m happy to report that it did not get us lost (although I did study the route pretty detailed the night before).

We made pretty good time, and got to the start 25 minutes before the start time.  After milling around for a bit, a few of us decided to just go ahead and climb the hill.  After that warm up, didn’t want to cool down, just to have to start it back up again.  Besides, there were about 36 people RSVP’d for this, so might as well break it up a bit.

Although there were reports that there is a slight chance of light sprinkles, it never materialized, and it turned out to be an excellent day.


Part of us regrouped at the Ranger’s station, halfway up, but the leader, who started climbing after us, continued up the hill.  Oh well, so much for the re-group.  Damn, it messed up our overall time up the hill.

As always, when climbing this long hill, you end up riding by yourself.  It’s too difficult to ride this hill while chatting.  I saw a few people resting by the side, so it felt good that I still had the strength to keep going, without really feeling a lot of pain on my backside.  I’m beginning to think the core exercises I’ve been doing every morning is starting to help.

I think I know why they were stopped … this is the point where the legs start weakening, and I noticed the winds started to really pick up at this point.  This was a little after passing the 3000 ft elevation sign, and that part of the route is pretty wide open.  I think the combination of climbing distance, the climbs, and the winds really made a factor.

Ok, time to climb the wall.  This time, I had my Contour mounted on my fork.  This gives a little different perspective, and it may not show suffering as much.  You be the judge.

It was a great Sunday, and a great way to cap off a weekend.  On the way back, it was a little bit of a challenge backtracing our way, but all turned out well in the end.  If this is not an indication of a great ride, I don’t know what is.


Ride stats … 47 miles, 4708 feet climbing.  Start from Dublin Civic Center is great.  Should lead rides from here more often.

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