It Does Snow in Southern California

For those not in California, I am here to say that it does snow in California.  True, it is not as often as in Canada, or on the east coast, but it does snow.  In fact, the Grapevine, the main entrance into LA from Northern California, via I-5, was closed due to snow.

Saturday, I had the lofty goal of climbing up Mt. Wilson.  This would be a good litmus test to see how my back is doing after having back spasms.  Mt. Wilson is 5750 feet in elevation, so that would be one hell of a climb.  One thing I didn’t bring with me was gloves … this would be a little cold on my extremities, but I thought I’d risk it.  I had totally forgot about it snowing earlier in the week, and then I saw a bunch of snow  on the side of the road.

Actually, it looked more like ice.  I then got to Red Box Junction, which is where you take Mt. Wilson Road to get up to the antenna towers, and the observatory.  However, I saw this warning sign:

Hmm … chains required.  Now, they are requiring chains on CARS!!!  And I’m on a bike, 23cm road tires, without any knobbies, or any studs.  Well, maybe I’ll just ride up a little bit, just see how bad it is.  However, the road started getting a bit slushy, like a 7-11 slurpie.  Now I love slurpies, but I don’t want to be riding on it.

I didn’t fall, but it was a bit more slippery than I was comfortable with, so I turned back.  I was talking to another rider, and one of his friends rode this last week, and fell 4 times … 4 times … if once wasn’t bad even, twice, 3, 4 times?  You’d figure he would learn from this.  That’s definitely not for me.

So I didn’t go to Mt. Wilson, only to Redbox Junction … that’s still not bad.  I still got 38 miles, 5310 feet of climbing.  That’s nothing to scoff at.

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