Experimenting with Different POV with my Contour

I’ve had my Contour video camera for a couple years now, and was experimenting with different points of view from the camera.  Now I know most of you, who have a video camera for your cycling probably have a GoPro, and it has more flexibility, but I’m a hold out.  I went with the Contour just because I liked the shape of it, and GoPro looked like a McDonald’s Happy Meal … but I may be jumping ship in the near future.

Anyhow, the most popular mount is probably the handle bar mount.  Sometimes, this will give you a lot of noise from vibrations, and unless I drown it with background music, it can sound a little disheartening.

Now, with the helmet mount, obviously you won’t get the road vibration noise that you would get with the handle bar mount.  However, if you are climbing, and you have the helmet mount, the challenge is keeping your head steady.  As many of you know, especially while climbing, your head is hardly ever stationary, and will move up, down, left, right, constantly.

Another position I tried was at the headtube.  This was a little tricky, because it’s not completely flat, and had to make some adjustments with spacers, and change the angle of view with the camera.  That didn’t turn out too bad.  It is a view seen from behind the drops of the handlebars.  It’s actually how I film the majority of my rides.

Then, after some discussions on Google Plus, I decided to mount the camera at the crown of the fork.  This is a pretty interesting point of view.  At speed, the spokes seem like they are being warped.  But it is pretty cool.

Now I have heard GoPro mount breaking on a few occasions, and the camera taking a spectacular tumble, but so far, I haven’t had that happen with my Contour.  We’ll see what happens.

Other camera angles I have seen are with the camera facing the rear, mounted on the helmet … mounted on the seatpost, again looking to the rear.  One thing I can’t do is the chest mount, which GoPro has … there is no chest mount for the Contour.  In the meantime, I’ll keep experimenting.

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