Quest for 600 for January … Complete

January had been an up and down month for me .. literally.  To start off the year, I was just getting over a cold, so I wasn’t really 100% to start off the new year.  Then, after climbing Sierra Road, I think inhaling the cold air forced me to have a sore throat, coughs, and generally more time off the bike.  Then, I suffered some back spasms.  Damn, January was just not a good month for me.

I recovered from my back spasms after a week and a half, then I was looking at my totals for the Strava January base miles challenge, and I was 60 miles from 600 … on the 31st, the last day of the month.

Well, hell … I can probably get an early start, do the Mt. Eden loop, then head into work.  I was still feeling it a little bit in my back, so I wasn’t going all for it on the hills.  I was probably going 75%.  I did the Mt. Eden loop, got back to the office, and didn’t realize how far from the office Mt. Eden was.  I looked, and I already logged in 30 miles.  Wow!  I’m only 30 miles from my target!

The meetup biking++ group was doing an evening ride, starting in Woodside, going up Kings Mountain, and the whole loop would be ~ 17 miles.  Again, I misunderestimated distance to the start of the ride.  I was estimating if I left the office by 5, I’d be able to get to the start (at Whiskey Hill and Woodside Rd) by 6:30 … but then found out they were leaving by 6:15 … d’oh.  Oh well … I looked at my mileage, and figured just making the trek home, I’ll definitely make it to 600.

I made it home, surpassing the 600 mile mark, and yet another Strava achievement … woohoo!  But unfortunately, I caught a cold from those last miles.  Down again … hopefully for not too long.

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