Time for Another Year Recap

Is it really the close of another year?  I had already done my 5 doubles the previous year, so this year, I didn’t really have a set goal.  I figured I would just sign up for events depending on what my mood is.

I began the year by trying my hand out with running.  In January, I did the Coyote Hills 10k run.  After doing this, I quickly realized that I am not a runner.  I think I’m fine with a 5k run, but 10k was stretching out a little for me.

I continued doing my double centuries, and did Solvang Double in March.  That seems to be an annual tradition with me.  Unlike the previous year, it was not a rain filled day, but it was incredibly windy.  I remember at the 130 mile mark, the wind really kicked up, to the point where I was only able to maintain a 10 mph pace, even on my granny gear, on a flat terrain.  Hills are fine, but wind … that is just brutally tough.  I was able to get through it.  One thing I remember about this was all we had at the end of the ride … after a tough, windy, 200 mile ride, was a subway sandwich.  That definitely was not going to be enough for recovery food.  I went to Carls Jr, and saw a number of other doubles riders with the same idea .. subway sandwich was not going to cut it.

With ATOC the same week as Davis Double, and the epic climb up Baldy for the Queen’s Stage, I decided I’d sacrifice Davis for watching ATOC up Baldy.  I’m glad I did … I’m really glad I got to see the pack not once, but twice.  That was a lot of fun.  I also saw the race earlier at Mt. Diablo, but they only went up as far as the Ranger’s Station.

I decided I was going to do Grand Tour.  I had a good training schedule leading up to it, so I was really looking forward to it … especially since it would be Lynn’s 100th double.  As I was getting ready, I was putting my shoes on, but could not find my right shoe.  Crap, after all this prep, no right shoe, and no double.  I decided to volunteer instead, since I was all the way out here anyways.  About an hour later, I got a call from the organizer, and they found my other shoe, somewhere in the parking lot.  D’oh … today is not my day.  So I just proceeded to volunteer the Triple Century route instead.  This is one day I’ll remember for a long time … what futility.

I didn’t do the Death Ride, mostly because I didn’t want to make the drive.  Plus, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to climb at altitude.  I did do Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, which is kinda the local Santa Cruz version of the death ride.  I was struggling a bit with this, but I was just wanting to finish this.

I did want to do Levi’s Gran Fondo, and this during the same weekend as Knoxville Double.    This made my decision easy … no Knoxville this year.  It was a hot day, so good thing I did the Gran Fondo instead … otherwise, it would have been triple digit temps climbing up Knoxville, which would not have been good.  On Gran Fondo, we didn’t make it to King Ridge before the cutoff time, so we went on Fort Ross instead, which was still a challenging climb anyways.  So I did the 89 mile option, instead of the 100 mile option … at least I can still say I did the Gran Fondo.

After Gran Fondo, I didn’t have an event to train for, so ended doing as many Low Key Hill Climbs as I could.  It’s a great motivator, and I usually get my Strava PR’s on those rides.  Nice way to pump your adrenaline for a hill climb.

So what’s up for 2013?  Well, Jenny Oh is doing the SF Rando series, and I thought that’s a great idea … so I’m up for that as well.  It should be good training for me for the doubles, so we’ll see how this is.

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