Feel Spoiled by Marin Headlands

I wanted to do Marin Headlands so badly I didn’t care what the weather conditions were.  My friend Pete decided to come along with me, and that made the day even now enjoyable (or should we say goofy).

We started out at Sports Basement at Crissy Field.  My plan was originally to do Alpine Dam and 7 Sisters afterwards, but the forecast was for rain by afternoon.  We decided to do Tiburon after doing Marin Headlands.  That was a good plan as the rain came earlier than I anticipated, and got soaked coming back from Tiburon.

What I love about Marin Headlands are the views as we look back across the but with the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground.  Its looks a vacation shot but it’s in our backyard.


What I thought was most spectacular about Marin Headlands is the descent on the other side.  It’s a whopping 18% grade descent, and with an incredible view.

We passed by the old WWII bunkers and seeing them was pretty eerie.  It’s korny but being there I felt like I experienced the battle.  Its well worth the stop.


We stopped for lunch in Tiburon and it was nice, warm and filling.  Now after lunch, that was a different story.  It started raining and it was as cold rain.  At this point I wish I put on my booties (they were in my car).  Oh well, I’ll just have to remember that it can’t be as bad as “butterflood” .. LOL

As I was sloshing my way back to my car across the Golden Gate Bridge, I was surprised to see a number of Blazing Saddles riders coming across in the reverse direction.  Now although they have gained my respect for being out here in the rain, seeing them without a helmet concerns me.  I just hope they don’t lose balance and fall on their bare head.

More pics at https://plus.google.com/photos/107775104280723216283/albums/5822323873278746577

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