November Done … What Happened to My Monday Rides?

November is done, and looking at the stats, it’s definitely less than previous months 440 miles.  It is definitely a sign that it is off season, but this month, I was working a Tuesday thru Saturday schedule, meaning my weekends were Sunday-Monday.

A number of things contributed to not riding on Monday … first, it was driving day back from LA, another was I had a mid-day meeting that day, and due to scheduling, the last weekend, I didn’t get the Monday off.  What’s up with that?  Oh, that was Thanksgiving weekend, so maybe that weekend was considered more of a holiday?  Needless to say, no matter how much HR will say that your Sunday-Monday will be like your normal weekend off … it really isn’t.  Oh well … I guess that’s the aftereffect of working in customer service in a global economy.

Final stats:  439.9 miles, 24349 ft climbing.  Mostly short commute rides, and looking back, longest one was 44 miles.

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