San Bruno Mountain and fun watching CX Races

Sunday was kind of a mixed bag … not a lot of miles (from what I’m used to doing) but still a lot of work.  Basically, it involved climbing a mountain, maneuvering through the city (yes, with the hills), and being a spectator, having fun watching cyclocross races.

I met up with Lorri, from Velogirls, at Bayshore Caltrain station (it is actually her route), and met up with a couple other friends.  The day started out foggy, so by the time we climbed San Bruno Mountain, the fog was still with us.  It was kinda eerie, climbing the mountain, piercing through the fog.  It was awesome … best way to describe it is through video, and even this doesn’t come close to describing it.

After hanging around for about 10 minutes we saw the fog start clearing. Pretty cool seeing a sweeping fog front passing through.


After that we went to try to find a cafe, Precita Park Cafe.  Well that was an urban adventure.  Funny how when you map out a route through a mapping program, sometimes it just doesn’t all come out as planned.  We weren’t anticipating the steep grinds (probably should have … it is San Francisco, after all).  Plus, we missed one turn.  That meant having to backtrack our way to the cafe … plan to make a right … ooh …. that road went completely vertical.  It was funny when we looked, and we yelled out “Oh shit!” … continue on a few blocks more, and it wasn’t quite as bad.

We made our way to Candlestick, mostly by following the street signs.  We got to watch the women’s pro races.  That was a lot of fun.  I’d probably be DFL (dead fucking last) if I was in that race.





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