Rain is Gone … time to visit Mt. Umunhum

Rain storm has passed on gone by, so today was just a matter of wet roads as remnants of the storm.  I was originally trying to plan a bikeforums reunion ride for today, but threats of rain prompted me to cancel that ride.  I guess I overreacted … it would have been a good day to do that, but not a whole lot of people were available.

So I thought I’d do Mt. Umunhum.  One day after a rain storm, I figured we’d get some nice views … and it didn’t disappoint.

I did have more pictures that I took with my actual camera, and not my phone.  Bad move … my flash disk on the camera got corrupted, so all the pictures I took are lost.  😦

There is just something about Mt. Umunhum.  Yes, you have to suffer through climbing Hicks, but once you get onto Mt. Umunhum Road, the views are amazing.  Not many climb this, and I can’t figure out why.  It’s a tough climb .. so maybe it scares everyone away?  Maybe I should create an id UmunhumRon …. Probably won’t catch on.


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