Night Riding on the Bike Trail – Use at Your Own Risk

The clock changed this past weekend, and with it, the commute home is now in the dark.  This means time to get out your expensive HID light, rear blinkers, wheel blinkers, anything to make you extremely visible.

I got my bike equipped with two Light and Motion HID lights, wheel blinkers, and a rear blinker, so I felt pretty safe about making myself well seen.  I wish others had the same thought for safety.  When I went on San Tomas Aquino Trail, I was shocked to see so many others with either very dim lights, or no lights at all.  The worst is having a jogger or walker in front of you, without any reflective clothing, and no lights at all.  Even with the brightest lights, I found myself caught by surprise, and only noticed someone was ahead of me 50-100 feet ahead of me.  I immediately reduced my speed way down.

This was definitely the most dangerous ride I’ve been on.  I plead, to those users of the multi-use trail, to please make yourself well seen.  Go to REI, or Sports Basement, and get a head mounted, or waist mounted light.  Buy some reflective clothing, just so that you won’t get plowed down by a cyclist.  And to other cyclist, who may even have the brightest HID lights, reduce your speed way down … probably down to 5-10 mph.

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