2 thoughts on “Are you still a cycling fan?

  1. klingonpuppy

    The embarrassment of realizing how naive I was to the whole doping issue and how I actually held out with some kind of ideological belief that the heroes weren’t doping and that most people are honest has been pretty much completely shattered. Sort of feeling like the scorned lover…
    I’m feeling the way I’ve felt for a long time about Baseball, hockey, Football and Basketball. I like playing but don’t care about involving myself with following people who get paid for it. Too much temptation towards corruption and I’ve lost all trust for any kind of corporate backed athlete.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Yeah, I hear ya. I think the era between 1995-2005 is just completely drugged out, no matter what sport it is. In fact, I listened to a Bicycle Radio podcast, where it was describing how doping even extended down to the amateur, Cat2-3 level racing.


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