Two Idiot Cyclists Had to Ruin My Morning Ride

It started out as a nice commute this morning, as I was in a pretty good rhythm on my fixie.  I don’t know what my cadence was, but all I knew was it was feeling pretty good. 

I then got onto the frontage road at Moffett Park, and the nicely re-paved stretch of road, which is completely flat.  Two riders ride in front of me, and about 0.3 miles into the stretch, I saw a clearing, and moved up ahead and pulled.  I’m not sure if they were drafting me (I assume they were). 

I then get to a red light, so I stop for it.  Then the other idiots pass me (one passes me to the left, the other passes me to the right), and crosses the intersection, completely in red.  In fact, it turned red about 100 ft from the intersection.  Lucky there weren’t many cars making a left turn from the other side.  I wish I had my Contour video camera to film it all.  Talk about “people behaving badly”.

Really, we aren’t all like that, are we?  To those two cyclists who ran the red, you are not above the law … they apply to you too!

1 thought on “Two Idiot Cyclists Had to Ruin My Morning Ride

  1. Jim Thomas

    … and today as I was waiting on my bicycle at the light controlled pedestrian crosswalk near our university, (installed after a student was squashed by a dump-truck) a spandex-clad idiot negotiated a gap in traffic to the center divider of the four lane divided road and then another gap to finish crossing against the lights. I made a comment and he immediately turned back to get a bit in my face. A lively discussion followed. I tried to point out that his behavior affects the attitudes of motorists toward all other cyclists. He shrugged it off and said that I “should see the way they behave at the cross-walk at his sons middle-school…” I guess that said it all: if adolescents can choose to ignore traffic rules, why shouldn’t (some) cyclists?


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