New Wheels … How Long Should They Last Anyways?

On my ride up Diablo on Memorial Day weekend, I took a video of my descent going down Mt. Diablo.  On that, you can hear some issues with braking on my front brakes, so I went and had LBS (Local Bike Shop) check it out, and the news was not good.  The surface was uneven, and it even bowed in a little bit.  I asked if anything can be done, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to eliminate the braking noise, and more importantly, new wheels needed … Upgrade time!

So time to go shopping for wheels, from one bike shop to the next.  After tweeting for several days, I narrowed my search to two wheels … Williams 19s and Easton EA90SLX.  Most of the other wheels were running in excess of $1000, but I heard very good things about Williams 19s and Easton EA90SLX … most importantly, they were half the price.

Now my previous wheels were Easton Circuit, and they lasted < 2 years, and roughly 11,000 miles.  I kinda wish they lasted a little longer, but considering I’ve done 6 doubles, numerous centuries, and other training rides, that wear and tear may have caught up to the wheels, but still, it seems quick.  So this was the hesitancy to go with Easton, so I went with Williams.  Plus, I heard such great responses regarding Williams, and their attention to Customer Service.  Being in Customer Service, this caught my eye.

So I placed the order Thursday morning online, and a couple hours later, I receive an email that it has been shipped.  Wow, that’s fast … UPS tracking shows it will be delivered on Friday at of day.  I even selected UPS Ground shipping, and it still got here next day.  Good thing I didn’t specify next day.

And talk about customer service … they include a free t-shirt, 2 water bottles, and throw in a set of brake pads too.  Cool … oh, and they only deal online, so they cut out the middleman, saving on some cost.  Nice!

So here they are installed.  I haven’t taken it out for a spin … I’ll do that on the Terrible Two training ride … good way to test it out, with some climbing and descending.

Now I’ve been told others have an every day set of wheels, and a “special occasion” set of wheels.  I’ve never done this … maybe I should?  I’m not sure of that … I guess I could still use my rear Easton, and I still have another front wheel, Mavic Ksyrium, that I had when I originally bought my Seven.  I guess I’d have to get a new cluster for the backup wheel.  We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “New Wheels … How Long Should They Last Anyways?

  1. srcycler

    I have the Easton wheels you mentioned as my mountain riding set with a 11/28 rear gear. Only ride it on special rides maybe 6 times a year.

  2. Richard

    I’d seriously consider a cheap set of heavier wheels that will be good for winter training and wet weather riding. Having >1 set of wheels Is very useful. That was brought home to me just I was getting ready for this year’s Sequoia Century. Got up at 4:30am and found my front was flat, replaced the tube, had breakfast – flat again, so grabbed another front wheel and I was good to go. No more delays.


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