Days 18 through 21 #30daysofbiking

Been slacking off on the blogs on the 30daysofbiking, so here’s a quick summary.  30 days of biking is a great goal, but I found that when you have to get on the road by 6 am, every day, it does take its toll on the body (even if it’s flat and only 20 miles, give or take a few here and there).

I did drive in to work a couple days, but don’t worry .. I did get on my bike in the afternoon, after work.  I did my quick errand to the market, and to El Pollo Loco, so I did fulfill that obligation (and that does count for the day of biking).  I got back on the bike and commuted to work on day 20, but damn, the headwinds are still there.  I did find that if I didn’t have my morning coffee before the commute, my power seriously is lacking.

I needed to get some mileage in, so I decided to ride out to Shoreline after work.  That was really nice.  Even though there were threats of showers at 6 pm, it didn’t materialize.  Good for me … I’ve had enough wet riding for a while now.

When you see a picture like this, doesn’t it make you want to get on your bike and ride?

This sure makes me want to go to Shoreline every day after work.  Hmm … maybe I’ll take my fixie in to work, and do Shoreline again.  True, there is no climbing, but I’ll have plenty of opportunities for climbing later.

I rode into work on day 21, and I had lofty goals of climbing Montebello.  On my ride home, I had no zip in my legs, and decided to just go home, and rest my legs.  Yup, the consecutive days do catch up with you … or maybe I just need to HTFU?

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