So This is What Riding in Washington State is Like

So I didn’t have enough rain riding from Butterflood or officially the Camino Real Double that I decided to deliberately ride in the rain. Actually, Solvang Double is next weekend, so I wanted to get some riding in. Unfortunately, it’s forecast to rain all weekend. I looked for the lightest window and went for it.

I went with Bassem, and together, we endured about 25 miles of wet, sloshy, dampness, ignoring the fact that we are just simply nuts. Actually, it wasn’t too bad for me. After riding Camino Real, this was just an extension of that. Besides, we didn’t have to ride on the freeway, and it wasn’t dark. All was good as long as we just kept pedaling.

We stuck plastic bags in our shoes, but that will only last so long. You are going to get wet, and your feet are going to be wet. I just hope we don’t run into this type of weather in Solvang, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a wet one. The long range forecast seems to indicate rain. Oh well, as long as I have my rain gear.

The one thing I hate is getting out of wet clothes. I literally had to peel my arm warmers, leg warmers, jersey, shorts … But those dry out pretty easily… It’s the gloves, that get so drenched, it’s hard to get those dried out. I don’t plan to ride on Sunday, so at least I won’t have to worry about that.

1 thought on “So This is What Riding in Washington State is Like

  1. Deborah

    If you run your clothes thru a spin cycle (if they aren’t dirty) they’ll dry out faster. Usually I wash everything I wear when I ride in the rain. If it hasn’t been touched by road grime it’s sweaty. So it gets washed. YMMV.


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