Mt. Diablo … Last ride before Camino Real

Ok, so they say you should train down a week before a double.  So I have … well, sort of.  My mileage is down, but not the climbing.  Oops.  Well … I did Mt. Tam last weekend, and Saturday, I did Mt. Hamilton, so I couldn’t resist … one more to do the trifecta.  Mt. Diablo.

Surprisingly, my legs weren’t wasted after doing 7000 feet yesterday.  It was 50 miles, so maybe the length of the ride may be a factor.  Plus, how can I not climb Diablo on a day like this?  It’s going to rain tomorrow, so gotta take advantage while I can.

Conditions were great … it was warm enough to just go with arm warmers and knee warmers.  Jacket would have been too much.  It wasn’t too windy either, and no bug eating either.  I only got passed by one person, so that is surprising.  I think I’m ready climbing wise … but the only concern I have is I haven’t really gotten the really long ride in.  The longest I got in was a 84 miler … but it definitely wasn’t flat, so I figure I should be in shape … we’ll have to see by the time next week comes around.  Now if only the weather would cooperate.  I’m optimistically thinking it will be dry.

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One Response to Mt. Diablo … Last ride before Camino Real

  1. Steve says:

    Great pics. Good luck at Camino Real!

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