Feels Like Springtime … in January


Ah yes, to live in California.  The sun was out, nice blue skies, with some high clouds way on top.  It’s weekends like this where we are glad we are living in California, and not surviving through 10 F weather, like in Chicago or Pittsburgh.

Ooh, the struggles we have … I had to go find sunscreen on Friday.  We don’t want to get sun burned after all.  I guess you could have worse things … like a cold wind burn?

So Pete and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and do the Tiburon loop from the GG visitor’s center. Carl joined us at the start, and Ramon arrived a little later. It was actually warm enough to take off our jackets.

After the first climb up Camino Alto, Ramon broke off to do a more manly ride … up Mt. Tam.  But this is my recovery day, so I don’t mind making it a lazy Sunday.  Tiburon loop was recently re-paved, and it felt really nice.  The climbs are pretty gentle, but enough to get your legs working and moving.  After several miles on the loop, I started to fall behind, and Carl found his legs, and just started distancing the rest of us.  I found myself trailing in my usual position … the back.

Then, I suddenly see Pete’s single speed, leaned up against an outhouse.  So decision time … do I hold the door, and prevent him from coming out, or take a picture just as he exits … well, as the pic above shows, it’s the latter.  I should have done the former … it would have been hilarious.

Riding with Pete is such a blast, especially when we ride through his maze of back door routes.  The views from the Sausalito side are amazing … pictures wouldn’t do it justice, so I didn’t bother to take any pics.  However, riding through Sausalito near lunch time can be pretty hazardous.  I’m not a city rider, but that gives me a short taste of it.

It was a short but great ride … always good to ride with friends, and just goof the time away … although, maybe next time, I’ll bring my fixie.
Damn! finished ride at Sports Basement & Rescue Dogs were... on Twitpic
When we got back to Sports Basement, they had some cute dogs just begging to be taken by a foster parent.  Pete just couldn’t resist, and had to handle one.  Well, it was enough for him to throw his name in the hat … they later asked him to come get him, pronto!  And Pete, why didn’t I pull you away???  Well, she belongs to you.

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One Response to Feels Like Springtime … in January

  1. Carl says:

    It was a good ride Ron, nice to see you and Pete again, your looking trim and fit. Wasn’t the weather amazing? actually, I hope it’s like this til next year.

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