Not the Normal California New Year’s Day

2010 is now gone, and time to welcome in 2011.  Usually, the new year presents us with nice California style weather, but on new year’s day, we woke up to rain and cold weather.  Hey, this is California, sun, shine, remember?  I had plans to start my double training on New Year’s  Day, with a 90 miler.  Well, I guess having some rain here and there is good, but not for new years!  I should have gone down to Southern Cal, as I could see the sunshine on the Rose Parade.

The rain did stop, and stayed away for the good part of the day.  I finally was able to get out for a short afternoon ride … at least I could say I went out for a ride on New Year’s Day.  Even though the temp was 50 F, it still felt chilly out there.  Cold at first, but then warmed up the longer I sustained a > 80 rpm cadence.  Even though I warmed up, my extremities still felt cold … so I went to King Noodle, to hopefully spice up my internals … so I had some Curry Chicken, but it was weak.  No spice at all … next time, I’m going to Thai Spice … it’s much better there.

I was doing some errands, and somehow, I ended up at Best Buy, and low and behold, I ended up with a Dynex 32″ HD TV in my car.  Damn impulse buy.  I guess this is my christmas present that I treated myself to.

I figured it’s about time to upgrade my old, tubed TV with a more recent LCD HD TV.  Wow, what a difference.  My old JVC TV was a 27″, and it was so heavy.  I guess if I had to keep lifting this TV, it could help build up my upper body.  The 32″ Dynex was about 10 times lighter.  After a few setups, the huge difference between an HD channel vs. a n0n-HD channel.  You can really tell the difference watching NFL.  Images are much more crisp, and much brighter, and the contrast is so much clearer.  I guess the next step is to upgrade to Digital Cable … no ESPN, and no Versus.

Oh, and this TV does have HDMI inputs, so at least I can finally take advantage of the HDMI output on my DroidX.

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2 Responses to Not the Normal California New Year’s Day

  1. merider says:

    we have your weather now… 😦 At least it makes today’s errands a little more bearable. Otherwise, I’d likely be a bad girl, shuck the errands, and be out on my bike! Happy belated New Year, Ron. 🙂

    • sevencyclist says:

      Thanks ME. Still got a little remnants of the rain today … just hope the rain will stay away tomorrow. Lucky to get one extra day off. And Happy belated New Year to you too.

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