Bye Bye 2010 … What a Wild Year

So it goes, another year goes by … wow, time sure flies when you get older.  I don’t even know where to start.

Well, first off, I originally set a goal of completing the California Triple Crown.  I had a dreadful double season in 2009, mostly due to lack of fitness, so I wanted to really prepare well in the beginning of 2010.  I was training really well, pounding out the miles, where the first double would be Solvang at end of March.  Then, I had a bike accident descending Montebello, followed by a silly office accident, making it impossible for me to even try to attempt Solvang.  Then Davis, in May, was the next target, but I just wasn’t in the mood for a double.  Then, I made a bold statement, but waving the white flag, and giving up on doubles.

In June, I decided to try the Grand Tour double in Malibu.  I figured I’ll see how I do there.  Well, I did a lot better than I thought, and I completed it, feeling pretty fresh at the end.  There was hope for me after all … training continued, completing at least a century a month leading up to September, where I did Knoxville Double.  That was a really fun ride, and created a lot of friends there, and again, finished the ride pretty fresh.  Somehow, I was convinced to do a third, Bass Lake Double, and finished that with flying colors.  Wow, I completed my triple crown, after all that.

So I guess it started out good, turned sour, then kicked it into a higher gear, and got my second wind in the fall.  It’s just amazing what torture you put on your body, and how resilient it is.

Back at the office, I switched to a new group, which meant I work for a new boss, only to have him leave 10 months later, and now I’m working for a new boss.  Moving over to the new group was a new challenge for me, having to train on a new product, and to suffer through broken sales promises that this new product will do this and that … welcome to reality.  Don’t listen to sales … listen to support … they’ll tell you how it really is.  But at least I have a good solid job … that’s not the norm around here.

So as we say goodbye to 2010, it’s time to think of new goals for 2011.  Well, what can I say … I see the cool double century riders with those gold triple crown jerseys, 1000 double century miles in one year, plus volunteering to support one of the double century rides.  That is my goal for 2011.  You can say I’ve got the double century bug.  Not a bad goal to have, if you can complete it.  I hope I can.

Happy new year, everyone!

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One Response to Bye Bye 2010 … What a Wild Year

  1. Deborah says:

    Good for you! This last year provided curve balls I couldn’t have predicted, yet I too am happy with the outcome. Here’s to a new year full of good stuff for us!

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