Death Ride Registration Came and Went

Wow, the death ride registration was yesterday, and within the same day, it completely filled up.  Not that I was really looking forward to doing it … this made it easy to make up my mind to do it or not … hehehe

Yes, I know … all my friends keep saying that I definitely can do it, that my climbing is good enough where I can do this … and they say I should do it … but there is one big difference … I don’t want to do it.  🙂

There is something about the word death in a ride.  I do plan to volunteer for Devil Mountain’s Double … but the worker’s ride???  We’ll see about that.  There’s another ride in Southern California called Breathless Agony.  Somehow, that doesn’t sound like fun.  Another one under that category is Heartbreak Double … I guess I don’t get it.

4 thoughts on “Death Ride Registration Came and Went

  1. Jo

    Ron, if you’re really hankering to do a double metric with 15K+ feet of climbing, check out the Mt. Shasta super century in August. It has about one-fifth of the crowds, there are lots of places to stay within a short ride to the start, and it doesn’t start out a freakin’ mile above sea level. It’s on my must-do list, tho I’ll likely wimp out and do only the century route (if that, heh).
    The only downside to the Shasta event is that they don’t (yet) have extra-special jerseys to sell to those who finish the full route, so finishers won’t have something to flaunt and impress one’s friends, and heck isn’t that what the Death Ride is all about? :/

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Hehehe … thanks for the comment, and the jab! I think I’ll stick to doubles. The DMD worker’s ride would be a great big challenge, if I intend to do it … 20k feet climbing. Plus, it’s local, so I don’t have to plan a whole lot of driving for that.

      Oh, and impress one’s friends??? That’s what the triple crown jersey is for.


  2. Jo

    And yeah, it’s a jab, but not directed at you, it’s directed at the event. I just hope Mt. Shasta doesn’t feel the need to increase the size of the event and offer up the extra-special jerseys. Bleh.


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