80 Degrees in California … Great Weekend for a Bike Ride


Last time I checked the calendar, it is November … Christmas is one month away … and it was in the mid-70’s, low 80’s.  This is why we live in California … why we pay so much to live here.  This is great!  Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day … the above photo was taken on Saturday.

Believe it or not, it was even better on Sunday.  Knowing the weather would remain great, I decided to finally do the famous Mt. Umunhum.  Want more information on Mt. Umunhum?  Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Umunhum .

In order to get to Mt. Umunhum, we had to first climb Hicks, which is not small chore either.  I’d really categorize the climb as starting on the steep section of Hicks, then continuing onto Mt. Umunhum.  That’s about 4 miles of 12-18% climb, all the way to the end of the public road on Mt. Umunhum.  This was one real ass wooping climb … one of those where you wish you were at the end, even though you just started the climb.

Had some great views from up top.  I thought it would be windy at the top but it wasn’t too bad.  However, coming down, the winds started really swirling.  I think the winds may just have picked up later in the day, which meant for a pretty hairy descent.  I was riding the brakes, pretty much all the way down from Umunhum … the road was pretty chewed up, but that gave time to reflect on some amazing views from there.

After doing the climbs, coming down from the mountain, you really get a sense of how tough this climb was.  No words can describe it, but all I can remember was myself saying “holy shit, this thing is steep”.  I’m just glad I was able to climb it.  I just knew visibility would be crystal clear, and what better time to climb Mt. Umunhum than today.

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