Low Key Hill Climb Motivates Personal Best Time

This is the third year I’ve done the Low Key Hill Climb series.  First one was the Thanksgiving Day climb up Mt. Hamilton, which was a blast.

From OLH LKHC 2009

Last year I did OLH, and that was exhilarating.  I got my personal best time there, 24:51.  I’ve tried many times to beat that on my own, but could never get anywhere near that.

Then Saturday, there was the Montebello road LKHC.  The best time I had up to this point was 47 minutes, but after I got to the finish, my time was clocked at 44:53, over 2 minutes faster than I had ever gotten.  What is going on here?

Montebello LKHC 2010

I guess part of it is the adrenaline of being timed, but I have another theory … with a mass start, and large masses of riders climbing to the same destination you are, it gives you that extra push, that extra adrenaline that pumps you up.  Now, granted, I was climbing along side a couple of cuties, that may have played a part in it (oh, btw, that cutie beat my time by 1 minute).  It probably got me going at a pace much higher than I normally would.

I think these hill climb series are great.  It gives you that extra adrenaline push.  That’s the only explanation for the increased performance over my normal hill climbing rides.  Anyone have any other theories?

2 thoughts on “Low Key Hill Climb Motivates Personal Best Time

  1. RichardW1

    It’s definitely the “race day boost”. 2 yrs running comparing my last training ride to my race day time for the Mt Diablo challenge, I’ve been 5-6mins faster to the top on the day. You can’t beat the extra bpm and mph you get from chasing/being chased IMO.

    PS – nicely done Ron!


    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Thanks. I figured it might be something like that. Plus having a bunch of targets helps too.


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