I Gots the Double Century Bug

After completing an extremely tough and difficult Knoxville Double (well, it was for me at least … was a scant 12,500 feet climbing), one would think this would be the last for me for a while. Well, there’s something about the cameraderie of a select group of individuals getting together.

California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast

The day after the ride, there was the CTC Awards Breakfast, where we honor first time triple crown award winners, newly inducted members to the CTC Hall of Fame (getting in at least 50 double centuries under their belt), and those in the 100 club (completing 100 double centuries).  About 2 hours of stories of how these amazing athletes started out (in many cases just like you and me), to where they got to now.  It was amazing, and inspiring to hear their stories.  I enjoyed these so much, that they inspired me to do another double … well, I do have 2 down, and only 1 more double to go before I get my 2nd triple crown … so I’m gonna do it.

Bass Lake, here I come.  Knoxville and the CTC Awards Breakfast has motivated me enough to go for another.

3 thoughts on “I Gots the Double Century Bug

  1. mark

    My mates wedding is 11am on Sunday. If I could get back to Livermore for 9:30 I could do it. That would mean setting off home at 7am from Clovis. I was just pricing up hotels and there are still rooms available. I would like to ride it with you guys. Hmmm decisions decisions

  2. sevencyclist Post author

    If you want to share a room, let me know. I’ve never done two doubles, two weeks apart … so this should be interesting.


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