Montebello Road Busier Today Than Usual #30daysofbiking

Couldn’t decide where to ride today, so I decided to do the local hill, Montebello.  Depending on who you talk to, it’s 5.2 miles, and roughly 2000 feet climbing.

It was busy out there today.  Maybe because it was Sunday, but saw plenty of cyclists up and down the hill.  Good thing … but there were also quite a number of cars out there.  If fact, one time, a car was passing me, then there was another car coming down the hill.  The road itself was about 1.5 lanes wide, and I was fearing there would be a head on collision 100 feet in front of me.  Luckily, both sides braked.  Close call … no words exchanged, just a feeling of “whew”.  But that’s what you get when you travel a road up in the boonies.

I was feeling too energetic, so I felt I’ll just go through the motion of the hill climb.  Much to my surprise, I got in a fairly good time (for me at least) … 48:37.  My 3rd best.  I guess it also helped that I had some cyclists ahead of me, and I was using them as targets.  Luckily they were not as fast as me, so that gave me some confidence building.

Great day to do the ride too.  Not too windy, not too cold, and not too hot.  Perfect conditions … yay!

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