More Garmin 500 Woes … #30daysofbiking

So Garmin release a new firmware for the Edge 500, to fix some problems with data being lost once you hook up your USB cable in.  Well, even after the firmware update, I found that once you power off, then sync, it loses the data.  That’s odd … fix one problem, start another.  Where do they get these QA Engineers from?

Well, that’s nothing.  Wait till you hear what later happened to me.  I’m riding into work, then hit a bump, and my Garmin goes flying off.  After going back and retrieving it, I try to remount it but I couldn’t.  Well, it turns out the plastic mount on the bottom unit chipped away.  After doing some google searches, I found this is a problem with the unit.  Well that sucks.  Luckily, my unit is still under warranty, so I’ll be sending it in.

It’s actually still functional, so I figured I would just put it in my pocket, and it will still record data.  Get ready to go for a ride this evening, then try to turn the unit on, and guess what … it won’t turn on!  I try plugging it in to my PC, and the Garmin software doesn’t recognize it.  WTF … not only is the mount defective, now I can’t turn on the unit, and can’t get anything to recognize the Garmin unit via USB.  This just sucks, royally.

Update: I later found out how to reset the Garmin.  Hit Power/Light, Page/Menuy, and Lap/Reset buttons all at the same time.

Well, I do have an RMA number, so I can send this in … but this just sucks.  Luckily, I still have my old Garmin 305, so I can still record data.  But tonight’s ride … no data.  Oh well.

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