Moving to Smaller Confines

Time for a move to another building, once again.  After 11 years, this is now my 5th building I am moving into.  That’s not bad … the latest stretch was actually longer than I thought.  I stayed at my last building for 5 years.  It didn’t seem that long ago that we were shocked by our company being bought (NetScreen bought by Juniper), but it was 5 years ago.

Of course, staying in one place for 5 years, it is expected you will accumulate junk, lot of junk.

First order of business … cleaning up my messy desk.  Wow, I’m surprised I didn’t get more sick after looking at all the dust and grime that collected there.  I guess all that cycling did build up my immune system?  Second, looking at all the files, paperwork that I have collected over the years.  Since I have been in so many moves, I previously just kept a lot of things in boxes, anticipating I would be moving soon.  Well, 5 years is not soon.  What did I find?  Documents from when I first started 11 years ago, functional specs from the NetScreen days that were 6-8 years old.  Wow, I had paperwork going back to the original program plans from ScreenOS 4.0.  So I literally took one box of files, and threw the whole thing in the recycler dump.  That’s one box I got rid of.  It got to the point where this would be more than a 1-2 hour operation.  This would have to go over several days.

When cleaning up junk you have compiled over the years, you kind of reminisce about old times.  From awards, coffee mugs, stress balls, commuter cups … you never realize what you really have until you clean it up.  For example, how many commuter mugs can one guy have?  I think I may end up just giving some of this stuff away for those that were not part of the whole NetScreen experience.

I wittled my collection down to 4 boxes, and still, that was a lot of junk.  I think I have enough equipment in my junk boxes to even create a new ISP.  I mean I had 3 routers, 2 firewalls, and even a file server.  I ended up taking that one home (IT and the lab didn’t want to support that web server … hey it they don’t want it, I’ll take it).

My old building was a 4 story building, and now, we’re moving into a one story flat building.  Why are they doing this?  Well, they are consolidating one big department into the same building.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, I like having the entire group together once again (especially when doing labs, recreating problems in the same lab, without having to send traffic across the network just to get to another lab).  The drawback is that some other departments, where we need constant interaction, is now in separate buildings, meaning we gotta drive.  Oh, that’s gonna suck.

Ok, move into the new building, and one thing that’s cool is they have a monitor

swivel.  This allows you to free up some real estate on your desk.  I use split screens, so one thing I never tried out is putting the external monitor on top, and the laptop screen on the bottom.  Initially, it seems like a great idea, right?  First, I did end up having to tilt my head up on the larger screen, and for a while there, I thought it might have some ergonomic neck stress.  Later on, I started to really get dizzy spills.  I was typing along, and suddenly, I couldn’t focus, and everything started spinning … arghhh … make it stop.  I got to a point where I had to just look away, stare into space, and just try to focus on some objects, making sure they stay still.  I eventually move to a more standard orientation, where my laptop screen is on the left, and my external monitor is on the right.  I did this, and it all felt a hell of a lot better.  What’s odd is another colleague, who moved in 2 weeks before we did, was also complaining about some dizziness, and some had to call in sick a few days.  That’s not a good sign, moving into a new building, and getting sick.  That can almost be deemed a little hazardous.

The next big issue for me was now where am I going to put my bike?  In the old building, we had a stairwell, with a nice solid bike rack post there.  Since it was in a secure building, having it in the stairwell is really secure.  Now that we don’t have that, where do I store the bike?  I looked around, and there are no racks to lock up, nothing … WTF!!!!  This is more important than any work related issues.  I need a place to park my bike.  Now there are a few empty cubicles around, but soon, they will be filled up.  For now, I rolled my bike in the office, and just to give you an idea how much room there is, I rolled my bike in my cubicle.  There seems to be enough space for me to roll around, but it does seem cramped, doesn’t it?

In a way, it’s almost like a brand new start, without actually starting fresh.   Going through the same routine for 5 years, then doing this, is really strange.  We were the first technical group to move in, and in the coming weeks, more will be moving in.  It’s going to be a hard adjustment at first, but I’ll probably make it through.  I mean, it’s only a job.

Oh, one more rant … trash cans.  Usually, you think nothing of it .. but with all these cost cutting moves, sometimes it can get a little ridiculous.  The dark brown, smaller box, is supposed to be where you put your trash.  The big blue container?  Well, that’s a recycle tub.  I’m almost tempted in going to the old building, and stealing one of the normal sized trash bucket.

So now we are in this older building, with smaller cubicles.  I’m trying to stay focused, and say it’s not going to matter … maybe so, but it will take a lot of effort to change work habits to accommodate this move.

On thing I notice after a week in this new building … it kinda makes me feel like I’m back at a startup company.  You don’t need to park in the front … you can park in the back, on the sides, and still get in the building securely.  That’s weird.  Oh, and the cafeteria … we don’t have one.  I guess it’s a short drive down to Togo’s, or remember to bring your lunch.

2 thoughts on “Moving to Smaller Confines

  1. murphstahoe

    Are the other buildings on the same campus? At nVidia we often have meetings that are almost a quarter mile away – and I just ride my bike over. Makes me feel like a Googler.

    Trash cans – we have full sized trash cans but no plastic bag liner. If you have “wet” waste you are supposed to take it to the break room. In practice there isn’t much of this and I usually have a compostable food container lying around that I fill up with that sort of stuff until I wander over to the break room and throw it into the compost – and we compost a lot of stuff (all our random food containers/utensils are compostable).

    No cafeteria. That would suck. Ride down the Steven’s Creek Trail and I’ll let you eat at ours. Very good, cheap.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Other buildings are not on the same campus. It is within walking distance, but at least a good 15 minutes, which means having to manage your time more effectively. Adjustments …

      I guess I should eat lunch more often in the breakroom, but sometimes, we get so busy, we don’t have time to eat in the breakroom, especially when I get those friggin’ P1’s, who just barely gives you enough time to get something out of the frig.

      I think I’ll be making trips to Togo’s more often.


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