High Maintenance of Bike Commuting

Has anyone noticed how high maintenance it is to commute into work on a bike?  So since I work in Silicon Valley, that means I have to carry a laptop around, so that’s one thing I have to pack in the bag.  Then, there’s change of clothes .. work shirt, pants, and don’t forget the undies (I won’t go into details there).

Then, there’s general bike maintenance itself … inflating tires, making sure I don’t have a flat … lights … gotta carry lights, only because I am on the road by 5:15 am.  Gotta also strap on blinkers and reflectors on me.

There’s the heart rate monitor and Garmin GPS … gotta be able to track how you’ve done on the commute, right?

Oh and don’t forget the cell phone too … which … um … I forgot.

And last but not least, water .. carry your water bottle.

So, here’s the checklist

  • laptop
  • shirt
  • pants
  • undies
  • lights
  • blinkers and body reflectors
  • pump up the tires
  • heart rate monitor
  • Fully charged Garmin GPS
  • Cell phone
  • Lunch (if possible)

Wow, that’s some list.  No wonder it takes me so long to get out the door!

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