Death of Tour of Missouri

With all the excitement of the Tour of California, there is a big buzz in the air for US cycling.  The Tour of California was extremely successful, attracting the biggest names in cycling, except for that other race in Italy.  So with all this enthusiasm in the air, you’d think there would be more races in the US.  I was so looking forward to the Tour of Missouri, coming up in September … that is until I found out it got killed.

So check this out … the state of Missouri, had bi-partisan approval from the house and senate for $1 million to support the Tour of Missouri.  With this backing, you’d be sure to book your hotel for the race.  Well, not so fast … these funds have not been released by Missouri tourism and the governor.  Never mind the fact that this is one of the fastest growing races in the past 3 years, and that it gets broadcast to over 150 countries, attracting visitors from about 40 states, and an economic impact of + $80 million.  You’d figure with these numbers, we’d definitely have a Tour of Missouri.  I guess the governor of Missouri thinks it’s not worth it, or is a gas guzzling conservative who favors creating ecologically bad oil spills in the gulf?  It turns out the governor has made up his mind, and simply will not listen to any common sense, or even agree to meet with anyone regarding this subject.

Oh, politics … I just don’t understand it sometimes.

I just hope the Tour of California continues to thrive.

1 thought on “Death of Tour of Missouri

  1. Deborah

    This makes me sad, not just for cycling in general, but on a personal level as well. We have good friend in KC whom we planned to visit during the tour, so we could ride/drive to the best spots to view the pros. We’ll probably still do the visit but with just a little less “oomph” since the T is done. Serious suckage. Every city/state/country needs every bit of tourism they can get. I’ll bet their ROI would’ve been huge. Craptastic.


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