Doubles Not in My Plans … for now at least

I recently decided not to go for doubles anymore.  I just think the logistics of it is too difficult, and I just haven’t had any luck with them lately.  Last year, I DNF’d Davis Double at about mile 136.  This is a very significant event, as ever since then, every double I have attempted has either failed, or for whatever reason, could not participate in.  I think this is a sign … a telling sign, and therefore, just not entertaining ideas of doing it.  I think the DNF at Davis has actually had a mental affect on me.  I think it is having a psychological effect on me.  So when I hear about everyone’s escapades in the double, I can’t help but reflect back.  I think my body can do it, but my mind just doesn’t want to go through it all.

The other factor in all of this is I typically have to reserve two weekends outside of riding … one weekend to visit my dad, and another weekend for on-call duties.  Two weekends of non-training just has too much of an impact when training for a double century.

So call me a wimp … call me a quitter … but I just cannot handle doubles anymore.  I was surprised that I even did 3 … but as long as I have the triple crown jersey, that is something they cannot take away from me.

So today, I did my own ride … started from my house, up Page Mill, climb Haskins Hill, down to Pescadero.  I think Page Mill took a lot out of me, as I was really hurting.  A turkey sandwich in Pescadero was just what I needed, but I was still lacking energy.  At this point, I started thinking about Davis, and thought to myself “There’s no way I could have done Davis today”.

I still think physically, I am a doubles rider, but my mind just isn’t into it these days.

3 thoughts on “Doubles Not in My Plans … for now at least

  1. Pete

    Hey Ron, sounds like you’re beating yourself up over not doing it…still. You’ve been there, done that! The important thing is you’ve inspired a lot of people in many ways. Every time you put on that Triple Crown jersey most everyone is impressed, inspired and quite jealous.
    You really have to have motivation to do a double century, it’s a really state of mind. I hated last years Davis because I was mentally in the wrong place. It was torturous and because of that It actually turned me off from riding all together for awhile.
    If you’re not feeling it, then don’t worry about it man. You’re a great guy with a load of amazing accomplishments behind you…Look at the big picture! It’s time for you to just chill and breath in! You’ll breath out again.

  2. Deborah

    What Pete said. Ride to enjoy the ride, not to fit an artificial expectation. Just have fun! ‘Cause if it isn’t fun, it won’t be done.

  3. knotty

    You have lots of time Ron, why you youngin! keep cycling fun, vary the routine. Come back and do the double when your 55 and 60 or, never ride a double again. There’s many racers who would never do a double.


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