Montrose – Dropped at Irwindale Again

I couldn’t find a ride with anyone (many of them were either doing the Mulholland Challenge, or Mulholland Double, or volunteering for the event).  So I decided to ride with the Montrose pack ride.

As I rolled out, I realized I didn’t pack my heart rate monitor … damn, I won’t be able to tell how hard I’m working, especially when speeding down Huntington … oh well.

It may be my imagination, but I swear there were more red lights today than in past Montrose rides.  This kept the whole group together longer, which is not a bad thing.  Of course, maybe I feel that way because I’m more fit, and able to hang in longer.  It was hard to keep at a rhythm, like you can with a long hill climb.  There was a lot of quick stops and starts, so it definitely worked a completely different set of muscles.  Too bad I didn’t have my HRM …. I really would have liked to see what it was doing.

I kept up as we were passing the rock quarries, but then I could feel them turning up the screw, and eventually, there was only so much I could take, and I was dropped “like a badly microwaved potato”.  I was dropped right at Arrow Hwy and Irwindale.  It seems to be the same place I get dropped, no matter if I’m in shape, or out of shape …. and when I used to ride this regularly (when I lived in LA), it was exactly the same place I get dropped.  What is it about Irwindale?

I knew the route, so I took a shortcut, and cut right to the front of the route, where the group eventually swallowed me up.  At least I could finish the ride with some of the pack.

Observation:  There were women on this ride, but it seems like all women who are in pack rides are usually in the top echelon of the pack.  Nice eye candy while riding, granted I can keep up.

Now my original plan was to do Montrose, then climb Chantry, then head over and do St. Katherine … well, Montrose took all the life out of me, so I didn’t have anything left for Chantry, much less St. Katherine.  I did come down to visit dad, so that’s my lame excuse …. spending more quality time with dad 🙂

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