New Year, New Department

With the turning of the new year, it also marks the turning of a slight turn in my career path.  It’s not a drastic change, but it is a change.  After 11 years in Tech Support, supporting ScreenOS, I am now saying goodbye, and making the switch to JunOS, which is the direction that the company is going with.  I am still with the same company, and I am still in Tech Support, and I am still supporting firewalls, but it is a very different OS kernel.  This is the OS that will be used for the future of the company moving forward, so I decided it was time to make the move now.

In a way, I am excited about this move, but at the same time sad, and I have to admit, it does strike some fear in me.  I guess the fear comes from a bit of complacency, getting used to the same OS for 11 years … it does make you get into a regular routine.  That is not to say that all 11 years was doing the same thing … but the core of the technology was the same.  Now, I am moving onto another OS, and a different type of thinking.

Now I do have a niche, in that I specialize in UTM (Unified Threat Management, which includes things like anti-virus, anti-spam, web-filtering, among other things).  This is a skill that is much needed in the new department I am moving into … but that also means a lot may be expected out of me.  This is the fear I am undertaking.  I am so freaked about this, that I am actually taking quite a bit of this Christmas break, and really trying to self train myself to get myself up to speed.  When I speak to others, they do have high confidence in me … probably higher confidence in me than I do.  Do they know something I don’t know?  I just don’t want to disappoint, and I have this sense that I may be vulnerable … I am getting into an area that is new to me … something I haven’t done in 11 years.

Am I making too much of this?  Am I just too hard on myself?  Maybe this is a self-defense mechanism I have that internally pushes me.  Whatever it is, it does make me lose a little bit of sleep.

So as we say goodbye to 2009, I also say goodbye to 11 years of legacy knowledge of one OS, and now say hello to 2010, and a new OS, and a brand new world.  I am also gearing towards another triple crown in 2010, and I am just hoping this fork in my career path does not interfere with the training for this triple crown.  I hope 2010 will be a success.

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