Enjoying the Lights

Can you believe it … it’s almost Christmas time.  Boy, has time flied by so fast.  It just dawned on me today that christmas lights would be out in force.  So as tradition would have it, a rich neighborhood in Sunnyvale is doing its best to show off their rich and wealthy ability to show the most impressive light display so it can be seen from NASA’s Space Shuttle … okay, maybe not.

Probably the most famous display is the Severns-Pease Christmas Display.

This is an impressive display, that synchronizes animatronics to soundtrack play on radio station 104.1 FM.  It’s a pretty awesome display, and it’s something you would expect out of Disney.  The locals were definitely out in force, bringing the kids so they can enjoy the spectacle, without having to travel all the way down to Anaheim at Disneyland for this.

The challenge here was that the lights were not a static display.  By static display, I mean that the lights kept blinking on and off, and not in a predictable fashion.  It all was based on what soundtrack they were playing at the time.

Oh, and not to be outdone, their neighbors still had the energy to put on an impressive light display, even without the choreographed light display synchronized to music. It was just your typical “here are my lights” display.

Oh, and if you didn’t have enough pictures, I have more. You can see it at http://spingineer.smugmug.com/Holidays/Christmas-Lights/10653807_aB5mi#741279876_YEPZy

I’d hate to see what their electric bills look like.

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