Trifecta – Page Mill, OLH, and King’s Mountain Road

You would think that a day after climbing Mt. Hamilton, 40 miles, and 5000 feet later, I would do a nice easy recovery ride ???  You gotta remember, who the blogger is … hehehe.

We haven’t had to wrecking crew out for a ride in a while, and although Chris is still in Texas, and Ruth is busy, I figured we can get Michael, Ramon, and Marco out.  Well, almost … Marco was committing, but there’s this thing called sleep that you need when you do a ride … he tweets us at 2:50 am, that he just got home.  I don’t think he’ll be with us.

So we all decided to meet at El Monte and Foothill, so we can do Moody, then Page Mill, OLH, and Kings.  I left around 7:15 am, so I can get my Bagel.  When I left, it was really foggy … I mean really dense fog.


After 20 minutes in this, I was dripping with dew.  Water was literally dripping from my helmet, and hoping the fog will clear up by the time we got to the peninsula … and it did.

Michael was running late, and says he’ll meet us at the top of Page Mill.  Ramon figured since he was running late, he was start out later, but I was already at El Monte, so I just decided to go, and met them at the top of Page Mill.

I wasn’t feeling the effects of Hamilton right away, so as I climbed Moody, I felt good.  Page Mill is never easy, but if you are not in a hurry, it’s not too bad.  Being the first at the top gave me an opportunity to rest while I waiting for the rest of the crew.

The topic of banter for the day was my triple … the fact that I still have one, while everyone else is on a compact double.  Michael and Ramon, keep wanting me to switch out my triple, because it’s extra weight, and that hampers my climbing.  Uh, no!  The main reason why I have the triple is to actually do some climbing.  I’ve been riding a triple ever since I moved up to the Bay Area, which is about 10 years.  One of these days, I’ll probably switch to a compact double, but I’m not ready to yet.  I guess that’s my Fred-ness.

Zipping down Skyline towards Woodside was fun.  Of course, with Ramon leading out, it made it that much more fun, a target that I can shoot for, and possibly draft off of.  A quick top off of water at 35/84, and down the hill we go, with OLH as our next hill climb.

When we got there, there was a big pack of about 20 riders also doing the climb.  We kind of melded in with the group, with Ramon and Michael charging ahead.  I stayed near the back.  I did start out in my big ring (possibly a mistake, after a fair amount of miles and climbing), and that didn’t last long before I shifted into my middle ring.  I definitely was not at the pace I was at LKHC.  I think the successive climbs have caught up to me.  By the time I made it to the top, it was 32 minutes later.  This is my normal time up the hill.

Started to get some straining in my lower back, but it wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t want to halt the ride at that point.  We forged on, with another water stop at Tripp Store.  Kings Mountain is next.

My legs had no life at this point, so Michael and Ramon climbed off in the distance.  I had no inkling to try to catch them, and my speed going up hill was very slow.  All I knew is that we started early, so I have plenty of time to finish the hill.  I needed my granny gear on the climb, from about the point where Huddard Park intersects with King’s Mountain, so I was grinding it out the rest of the way.  I did have some reserve left, near the end, where my speed picked up, and was able to cross Skyline in my middle chain ring … but that took a lot of effort!

So I finally did it … the trifecta, Page Mill, Old La Honda, and King’s Mountain.  I wasn’t breaking any personal records, but at least I made it all the way through.

Ride stats:

67.6 miles, 6270 feet climbing.

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