Billy Goatin’ up Crown and Starlight Crest

I couldn’t get out in time to hook up with Alan, aka Il Bruto, for the Bagel Ride.  I gave it my best effort, time trialing over to the park, but I missed them.  So I tried to intercept them on San Rafael, but no one there but me.  I busted my butt going up there, on my middle crank.  Sometimes I wish I had a power meter, so I can gauge how hard I’m going.

After fruitlessly missing the group I was trying to hook up with, I was going to just meet them at Goldstein’s, but then I decided, I think I’ll try Crown and Starlight Crest today.  I had my torture fest yesterday with 16% grades, so why not go for another day with 16% grades.

Since my legs were still used to the grind of 11-16% climbing, it felt good going up Crown.  It was funny, I passed by a couple, jogging up Crown … okay, they were slowly walking up.  And as I passed by them, I shouted out to them “Yes, I’m nuts” … I got a spirited “Go for it” from the guy … cool!   I did end up in my granny gear, but still had two gears left to spare by the time I got to the Intersection of Crown and Starlight Crest.

Crown-Stalight Crest 007

As I continued climbing up Starlight Crest, I started noticing some of the aftermath of the Station Fire.  On the north ridge, I did see a few charred plants, which got me realizing how close the fire actually came to these really expensive homes.

I decided to explore a little more, hanging a right on Angeles Crest Highway, but saw the Road Closed Ahead sign … still, I decided to ride up as far as I could go, which wasn’t very much further.  I asked the Sheriff there, and she says it’ll be closed for a few weeks.  While I was there, I saw some of the burnt hills.  I stood there in awe, as I was at this very same spot, about 6 months ago, with lush green trees … not any more 😦


Well, not much else to see here, so I desended down Hwy 2 …. somewhere along the descent, I think my right contact lense fell out.  I hate it when that happens.

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