Page Mill Weekend

For some reason, this was the weekend for Page Mill.  It was really really hot, steamy weekend, with temps in the mid to upper 90’s, and the only group rides were either Mt. Diablo or Mt. Hamilton.  Both of these rides are completely exposed, and just the thought of climbing these with temps in the upper 90’s … well it didn’t really appeal to me.  So, I decided to go local.

Saturday, my original goal was to go out to the coast, to Pescadero, and I figure I’d go out Page Mill.  So I started out going out via Mora, then over to Moody, and then catch Page Mill after the short, but really steep climb up Moody.  The further I got up Page Mill, the hotter it started getting.  There was definitely a section (before Gate 3), where the temp on the hill definitely got hotter.  The combination of the heat and the steep grade between gates 3 and 4 just started draining my energy … ok, it sapped my energy.  At this point, I just want to get done with this friggin hill.

Suddenly, my plans of going down Alpine, then Haskins Hill to Pescadero … was not appealing to me.  I decided to just head north on Skyline, then head home once I got to Woodside.  Surprisingly, Skyline was a lot cooler than I was anticipating.  It felt really good.  What’s also nice is picking up speed … going northbound on Skyline between Page Mill and 84 is really nice.  The reverse direction is definitely tougher, as you’d be climbing exactly the area where we are speeding through to Woodside.

By the time I got down the bottom of 84, I was just sweatin’ bullets.  I had to duck into Roberts, first to cool off, then to down a 16 oz of Gatorade in a matter of minutes.  Ah, that felt good.


Sunday, Jack wants to do Page Mill, so I figured, why not.  So for the second consecutive day, it’s Page Mill to Woodside for me.  Climbing Page Mill with someone definitely makes the climbing go by much faster.  It was a nice climb this time, and really enjoyed the company.  Thanks Jack.

Both days were about 50 miles, and roughly 3500 feet climbing.  One side note … it seems the and under-estimating the total climbing, by a large margin.  On Sunday’s ride, reported total elevation of 2862 ft, while Ascent, with the same data, reports 3283 ft.


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One Response to Page Mill Weekend

  1. jack says:

    note to self: bring comb and use it before pix time.

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