Return of Taxi

Lately, there has been something missing from the weekend BF rides … can’t put my finger on it.  Sure, we have the hammerheads, and we’ve got the great riding, but there is a void … hmmm … oh yes, there’s that taxi character.  Remember this guy?


Oh yes, Pete … aka taxi777.  He made an appearance today.  Okay, he led this ride, but still, it’s great to have him back on the road.  Hmm … has the time off the bike gotten to him.  Aches coming by???  All joking aside, it’s great to have him back, and he’s having another one tomorrow!  To taxi rides in one weekend … wow!


Here he is dropping in at Sports Basement, even though the actual ride started at the Golden Gate Bridge Visitor’s Center.  We had a small group, Chris, aka PizzaMan, who has a great racing season, Ramon, as you can see above, and one of Pete’s Aid’s ride buddies, Robert showed up.  We were anticipating Marco and Ruth coming on the tandem, but we never did hook up.  They were running late, and we never did hook up during the day.  Maybe we’ll see them on the fixie ride tomorrow, which goes around the Tiburon loop.


Now it wouldn’t be a taxi ride without pictures.  Except that these were taken by me … I’m sure Pete will get around to his pics, and will upload them later on BF.  This was taken as we were going through Mill Valley.  We were riding through at the same time a pack of about 20 riders were going in the same direction we were.  In fact, they basically went the same route we did … up Alpine Dam, 7 Sisters to Mt. Tam, then back.  Very popular route.


Now here’s a vision you don’t see very much … me at the front, taking a picture of Ramon who is behind me.  Well, he is winding down his training … funny, I’m ramping mine up, it seems.

Pete was thinking he was going to be behind us all the way, but that simply wasn’t true.  He was able to keep up, and not to my surprise, was ahead of me on the climb to Alpine Dam.  Even though he wasn’t riding the typical hills, he was still doing these short 20 mile rides on his fixie.  I think as long as you have that base mileage, you really won’t lose too much.


All in all, it was a really good ride, and great to see Pete back out there on the road.  Hopefully, we’ll see more of him.  However, he did mention he took off his computer, so he has nothing to look at on his bike.  Also, not doing any organized rides for the next year?  Well, we’ll see.



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