Personal Best up Montebello

I don’t know how this happened, but I got my personal best time up Montebello, 48:42.  I even tweeted that I’m going up Montebello, and expect to have a time over 1 hour.

I was originally going to try to get my personal best up Montebello on Wednesday, but it was hotter than I thought it was going to be.  I started off slow, trying to save my energy going up Montebello, but on that day, the heat drained me a lot more than I thought it was going to.  As a result, I only made it up past the first hairpin, and then I gave up … turned around.  Went on to do Mt. Eden, but even that was a chore.

So I was going to try to make it to the top today, no matter how slow I was going to be.  It was another hot one out there today, so it was time for the sleeveless jersey tonight.  As I started climbing, I was continually bothered by flying bugs, continually in my face.  This has a weird effect of distracting you and it appears to sap my energy.  As soon as I got past Jimsomare, it got a little better.  Soon after passing the school, I hear a familiar voice calling my name … it’s Ramon.  Cool … we proceeded to climb up the rest of Montebello together.

Perhaps the company helped me, as I had something to preoccupy my time with.  Overall, I felt strong, but that seems to be my pattern … feel weak at the bottom, but once passing the school, your energy gets a second wind.  The final uphill ramp came at about the 45 minute mark, and I suddenly thought to myself that I might be able to break the 50 minute barrier.  With this enthusiasm, I was able to power up the hill like I never have before.  It’s funny how you approach a goal, and you get this unknown energy from somewhere … by the time we made it to the top, I stopped my Garmin, and it read 48:42.  Woohoo … personal best!

We stayed long enough at the top to notice a darkish cloud to the south, which was the Bonny Doon fire.  Then, off in the distance to the east, we see another brown cloud … as I found out when I got home, there was another fire, southeast of Livermore.  But neither of those dampened my spirits today, and neither of them seem to affect the overall quality out there today.  Today is a good day!


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One Response to Personal Best up Montebello

  1. Pete says:

    Maybe you’ll kick everyones ass up Tam this weekend!

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